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“Power Bottom” and “Dom Top” Are Trending on Twitter and Here’s Why

If you’re on Twitter and while queer, then you’re probably aware of the queer folks on your phone asking hard hitting questions. The questions that deserve real answers. And what might those questions be?

So, if you’re a queer Twitter user then more likely than not you’ve seen that words “Power Bttm” and “Vers Top” have been trending.

All of Twitter has been set ablaze when folks started asking “which vibe do they give?” and then listing different sexual positions, such as “Dom Top”, “Top”, “Vers Top”, “Vers”, “Vers Bttm”, “Bttm”, “Power Bttm”, and “Sub Bttm”.

That’s one way to bring in 2023. When it comes to what we do behind closed doors, many queer and trans folks feel comfortable labeling components of how they express their sexuality, but what does any of that mean?

Well, some people may have varying definitions for each, but based on our own research, here’s our definitions. “Top” refers to a partner performing actions on another, whereas “bottom” refers to being the receptive partner during your naughty, but very much approved, deeds. But like Beyoncé says in “PURE/HONEY”, You can be both, meet in the middle, dance all night. If that’s you, then you might identify yourself as “versatile/vers”. 

But wait, there’s more!

Additionally, some card-carrying members of the LGBTQ+ community might feel as though they lean towards something in between positions, say a “vers bottom” or a “vers top”. Perhaps they prefer one position, but dabble in another every now and then. It doesn’t have to be too formulaic, but you can define it how you see fit. 

If top, bottom, and vers refer to your positions in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, or garage (we don’t judge), then the words “dominant/dom/power” and “submissive/sub” refer to attitudes you bring into those same spaces. Maybe you bring “sub top” or “dominant/power bottom” energy into the mix. 

Now, bear with us here. No one person is defined by their choices in the bedroom. Whether you prefer to bottom, top, or you’re a side (we won’t forget about you), your personality isn’t determined by any of these. But for fun, we followed this journey with the rest of the queer Twitter masses. 

Some folks were told they gave off top energy. Another set might be giving bottom or vers energy and then you have your folks who give off a mixture of vibes. But at the end of the day, whatever vibe folks perceive from you, you know what you like to do in the bedroom. And just know, we love that for you. 

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