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Seven Awesome Queer Indie Games Are Available In A Steam Bundle

Steam, a digital distribution platform for games, has put together a queer indie games bundle for purchase. The bundle is priced at 50 percent off the total cost — the original cost of all of the games would be $109.93, but the bundle is selling for $54.93.

The seven titles are pretty diverse in terms of story, so here’s a brief rundown of each of them:

Gone Home is an exploration story-focused game about Katie, a 21-year-old who is returning to her family home after being abroad. The player searches their surroundings to piece together what has happened since she’s been gone. The game includes a prominent sexuality discovery storyline and also discusses abuse and infidelity.

2064: Read Only Memories is a cyberpunk adventure game that takes place in 2064 in Neo-San Francisco. It explores technology and social issues through the main character uncovering a robot-related mystery.

Tacoma is from the developers of Gone Home and is also an exploration game. It’s a sci-fi story that takes place in 2088 and involves the player reviewing actions and conversations from other characters who were a crew on a space station.

Fragments of Him is an immersive game that follows four characters including Will, a bi man who dies early in the game, his ex-girlfriend, current boyfriend and his grandmother. The majority of the story is about grief and how those characters process Will’s death.

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is described as a “anti-adventure game” and it is  about picking up trash at a space shopping plaza. You play as the Janitor who is trying her hardest to get off of the planet. One interesting component of the game is that it includes a mechanism where the player can change genders at any time.

Ladykiller in a Bind is an erotic romantic comedy visual novel. The story follows a lesbian who dresses as her twin brother and tries to win a popularity contest. It includes a lot of choice driven interactions and BDSM sex scenes. The game was complimented for its positive portrayal of kink as well as mentioning consent often.

Your Royal Gayness is a visual novel about being a gay prince. You play as Prince Amir who is trying to rule his kingdom while coming up with new reasons to avoid marriage. It’s intended to be a fairy tale parody and has a lot of paths the story can take via player choices.

If these games interest you, the bundle will be available on Steam until August 21, 2018.

Ryan Khosravi

Ryan Khosravi is a culture writer based out of New York, and his thing in the world is beating unsuspecting straight men at Super Smash Bros.