The BeyHive is obsessed with Ncuti Gatwa after his ‘Cowboy Carter’ ranking

Ncuti Gatwa proved once again that he’s a Beyoncé fan to the core — and according to the BeyHive, he’s got good taste.

In a new interview with MTV, Gatwa was asked for his top three songs on Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter.

“I’ve been loving Cowboy Carter,” he said — before outright screaming at the indignity of only getting to name-drop three song from the album. “Three? Only three?” he asked, before buckling down and naming his picks. 

“‘Tyrant,’ ‘Daughter,’ and toss-up between ‘Ya Ya’ and ‘Desert Eagle,’” he decided. “Maybe ‘Ya Ya.’”


Although an almost impossible task, #NcutiGatwa *perfectly* broke down his top 3 songs on Beyonce’s #CowboyCarter 👀 #Daughter #Tyrant #YAYA

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The BeyHive quickly acknowledged Gatwa’s picks as excellent choices. Really, there are no bad options on Cowboy Carter, but going for deeper cuts from the album shows that Gatwa is a true stan, not just claiming to be one. Some fans even said they’re inspired to check out the new season of Doctor Who, where Gatwa plays the titular Doctor.

It’s far from Gatwa’s first time acknowledging Beyoncé’s excellence. On a recent red carpet, an interviewer asked him, “If you could bring any celebrity with you on the TARDIS, who would it be and why?”

Gatwa quickly fired back with his answer: Beyoncé, of course. “Because she’s an alien superstar!” he said.

And last year, Gatwa went viral for attending the Renaissance World Tour with his Doctor Who co-star and Broadway legend Jonathan Groff, as well as Groff’s Looking co-stars Raúl Castillo and Tanya Saracho. In a two-minute montage of their concert experience shared by Saracho, the excitement and good vibes were off the charts.

Now, we just need Beyoncé to make the leap and actually guest star on Doctor Who alongside Gatwa. Talk about a crossover event.

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