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The First Poster for Emma Seligman’s Bottoms is Here and We’re All Thinking the Same Thing

Ever since we learned that queer, Jewish Shiva, Baby auteur Emma Seligman’s second feature was called Bottoms, we we’ve been standing at full attention. The queer high school comedy, starring Shiva star Rachel Sennott along with “The Bear” actress and comedian Ayo Edebiri as senior girls who start a “fight club” in order to rack up their body count and hook up with cheerleaders before graduating holds high promise, especially with Marshawn Lynch, Kaia Gerber, and Havana Rose Liu rounding out the cast. Bottoms always felt like the stuff dreams are made of, and now that the first poster has been released, it’s clear we weren’t aiming too high with our delicate gay hopes.

It’s giving early 2000s, it’s giving Sex Drive, it’s giving D.E.B.S. But most of all, it’s giving bottom energy.

It’s about to be an experience.

Reserving my seat in the theater now…

The 2000s are back with a gay vengeance.

And let’s not forget who gave us this gift: queen Elizabeth Banks, producer extraordinaire.

Between this and the Barbie movie, we’re looking at a true cinematic feast this year.

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