It's Not Showtime

The Lauren Boebert Beetlejuice memes are breathing sweet life into our stone cold corpses

It was decidedly not showtime for Lauren Boebert after the Colorado rep. had to be escorted out of Beetlejuice the Musical last night in Denver. The charge? Vaping, singing, and filming the performance, aka causing a disturbance in the theater. Now look, I know what you’re thinking: these seem like absolutely normal, and in fact thematically-appropriate, things to do during a musical about a horny ghost whose entire job consists of a causing a supernatural disturbance in the Deetz house. But it’s Lauren Boebert we’re talking about, and as ghouls go, she’s nearly a match for the Ghost with the Most himself.

Needless to say, this hilarious news is already being pounced upon with delight. Even though Beetlejuice the Musical is a bonafide smash hit with productions underway across America (and new stagings underway in Brazil and Australia,) most of us know that the musical is for the gays only. Tim Burton’s original film might not make explicit reference to queerness, but the beloved property has come to represent queerness for the kids who grew up loving Michael Keaton’s deranged performance (not to mention Queen Winona Ryder’s iconic turn as Lydia.) So yeah, Lauren Boebert not being able to hang feels karmically right.

Honestly, bring back the splatter zone and make it mandatory for politicians to sit in the front row.

Let’s leave the last word to the incredible Sylvia Sidney, shall we?

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