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Bowen Yang comes out gay (as God) in raunchy new ‘Dicks: The Musical’ song “All Love is Love”

· Updated on September 15, 2023

Just when we thought musical theater couldn’t get gayer, our first taste of the Dicks: The Musical soundtrack is here. And boy, is it raunchy, hilarious, and queer AF!

The song –– entitled “All Love is Love” –– features a who’s-who of comedians and stage icons, including Bowen Yang, Nathan Lane, Megan Mullally, and starring duo (and screenwriters) Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp. That being said, it’s definitely not your typical Broadway fare.

The song sounds like the finale to the upcoming A24 comedy, seemingly tying everything up and hinting at just how debaucherous the musical is. Based on Jackson and Sharp’s famed New York comedy show F****** Identical Twins, the story follows two men who discover they’re identical twins and scheme a la The Parent Trap to get theirs (played by Lane and Mullally) back together.

As anyone familiar with Sharp and Jackson’s comedy (and A24’s knack for pushing the envelope) would expect, this s*** is going to get weird. Fittingly, “All Love is Love” features God (portrayed by Yang) asserting a pro-love message alongside the cast.

And they’ve got some absolutely off-kilter examples: “Like a man who gets a blow job from a horse / All love is gross, but all love is love.” When they say all, they mean all.

However, the biggest gag is when Sharp and Jackson hint at some twincest: “You are my brother, my family, my kin,” they sing before deciding, “We’ll f*** each other’s a******* till we can’t tell yours from mine.” Then, God comes out as gay (Is he a top or bottom, though?) before they join in a rousing chorus of “God is a f***** and all love is love.” Perhaps your musical-loving grandparents should skip this one.

That being said, Dicks: The Musical recently premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and is already receiving rave reviews. We shouldn’t be surprised –– they had us seated with the title! 

The rest of the soundtrack, featuring tracks like “Gay Old Life” by Lane and “Out Alpha the Alpha” by Megan Thee Stallion (who also co-stars in the film), drops October 6. But you can say your prayers early for when the movie hits theaters for an October 6 limited release and a nationwide release on October 20 (originally slated for September 29, 2023).

Watch the trailer below.

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