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This anti-trans kids book is unhinged, sweaty, and out of control

Did you know that a war is being waged on the front lines of *checks notes* Jesus-based children’s literature? Well now you know. And you’re about to know more—brace yourself.


I’m usually against dunking on things because nuance is important, so here’s an example of something I think we can easily agree is bad lol #greenscreen #transphobia #trans #gender #genderoles #fyp #lgbt #exvangelical #exchristian #agnostic #atheism

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We’ve spoken before about some of the weirder varieties of kids books out there, including the “Freedom-Based” series “Cubs to Bears.” But we might have just found an all-time contender with pastor Dale Partridge’s Jesus and My Gender.

Now what does Jesus have to do with a child’s gender, you ask? Let’s find out.

As BookToker Troy Zaher points out in his video, this is an Evangelical text that tries to make a point about why the gender you’re assigned at birth is your one and only true gender. So we’re already firmly in clown territory!

“The pages they chose to advertise on Amazon,” Zaher explains, “make it seem like boys shouldn’t exist.”

Ok…I’m listening.

Zaher goes on to state that the book is all about the famous two genders we’re always hearing about, and how they are very distinct and different. For instance, girls can do amazing things like have children, while boys…can beat each other up?

“It’s not even just that we have to be strictly in these gender roles, and if we’re not we’re somehow defying God or something,” Zaher says, “but also, the roles themselves don’t make sense.”

It’s true: if women are a miracle and men are just here to punch things, that doesn’t seem to help anyone’s case. “Like how do you say that men exist just to be violent and not think that women should run the world?”

Great question, specifically for the red-pilled conservative women out there. As trans folks are noting in the comments, it’s pretty wild when your idea of gender is so rigid that it actually leads to transness. “Ok but actually this logic is what I was raised with and it’s kinda what transed my gender?” one commenter wrote. “Like, boys had to be weapons and tools while girls just got to be human without having to earn it.” Another trans commenter said that: “My brother wrote a letter to my dead name saying that I had to be a woman bc I was kind and empathetic. Like damn, so you think men are such trash that kind men are actually women.”

In conclusion: gender—it’s wild, and Jesus doesn’t have much to do with it.

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