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This Australian OnlyFans star has the gays in a frenzy for this very big reason

If you’ve been alive and breathing and online in the past few days, you’ve probably heard of a man known simply as The Girthmaster, known for skyrocketing to the top 1% of earners on OnlyFans due to his unique talents.

What talents, you might ask? Well, with a name like The Girthmaster, you can probably guess. After a TikTok of the Australian OnlyFans star talking about pulling in over $80,000 a month on the site hit Twitter, the Internet promptly lost its mind, and a star was born.

While the adult entertainer offers content primarily aimed at straight people, that didn’t stop the gays from becoming quite excited after getting a load of what the Girthmaster had to offer. Suffice it to say that the infamous Pikachu meme was put to fantastic use.

Since revealing his monthly take-home pay, the entertainer has been interviewed by Rolling Stone and The Daily Beast, where he can be seen calling out Andrew Tate on his misogyny.

The performer hasn’t been shy about discussing his unique set of talents. In fact, he told The Daily Beast that he recently took home a Pornhub award for “Best Big D*ck Performer.” Now that we know such an award exists, it feels only fair that we should add it to the EGOT designation: perhaps EGOTBBDP?

Not only is the Girthmaster accomplished, he’s a regular mensch who’s known for fighting sexism in the industry and helping out other sex workers.

It might seem like that’s all there is to it, but no: the plot keeps (aptly) thickening. Apparently there’s another OnlyFans creator called Girth Brooks and he’s not happy about his crown being stolen!

More to come as new developments unfold in this very big, large, important story.

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