Lesbian Visibility

This creator’s grand theory of all things lesbian is spot on

The world of lesbian celebrities is a beautiful, wonderful space to contemplate. But as with everything gay, it can get a little bit confusing. Even the most terminally online of all of us can have a hard time keeping up with the sapphic Internet. Luckily, one creator on TikTok just did the important work of breaking it down for us.

The fantastic queer creator known as @ratchetintellectual posted a video yesterday that shows us exactly how the “lesbian ecosystem” works, and we are forever and eternally in their debt.

Starting off strong with Sarah Paulson, this creator goes through the chart ending with the sapphic to end all sapphics, Kehlani.

If Sarah Paulson is the “buskin from the comedy/tragedy mask version” of Kate McKinnon, and Kate McKinnon is the SNL version of Ellen Degeneres, it only stands to reason that Degeneres is “the baby boomer version of JoJo Siwa.” By the end of the video, we’ve seen the lesbian trajectory of the past 10 years unfold before our eyes, from King Princess to Amandla Stenberg to Samira Wiley to Queen Latifah.

The video is mind-blowing, to say the least, and commenters were quick to express their thanks. “The Russian nesting doll of lesbian archetypes,” one user wrote. “This is TikTok premium,” said another.

Agreed: this is the kind of discourse we need more of. And on another note: can we get a remake of Madame Web that’s just about this theory? Please AND thank you!

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