Kehlani shares why they won’t be joining Megan Thee Stallion’s challenge

Last week, sapphics were in a complete (and justified) frenzy after Megan Thee Stallion debuted her late-night “Wanna Be” challenge. It involved Tina herself shaking a** on Instagram and inviting other babes to do so—and as you can probably guess, the babes were not shy about joining in.

But there’s one babe who won’t be participating, for interesting reasons. After one TikToker nominated queer pop icon Kehlani to participate in the “Wanna Be” challenge, Kehlani was quick to respond.


#stitch with @Miya yall i dont stand a godamn chance DONT set me up for failure

♬ original sound – Kehlani

“Please,” the Blue Water Road singer and pro-Palestine activist said in a stitch of the original video, “leave me in the gym where I’m at.” They went on to clarify why they won’t be shaking it for the camera anytime soon. “This is muscle a**. It don’t move like theirs is moving.”

Honestly, fair enough! Kehlani looks incredible, and while we’d love to see just about everyone participate in the “Wanna Be” challenge, it’s also fine to sit this one out and work on those glute gains at the gym. While Megan has been hard at work on the “Wanna Be” challenge, Kehlani has been putting in some serious hours on the pole while promoting their new single “After Hours,” and their moves are truly impressive.


literal first time eva lmaoooooo NEW SIDE QUEST UNLOCKED #afterhours

♬ After Hours – Kehlani

While we wait for Kehlani’s follow-up to 2022’s Blue Water Road—which might be coming out this year—visiting the pop icon’s TikTok is a great way to keep up with them in the meantime. Just don’t be weird about what they do in their own good time on TikTok!


its about time we had this talk TIKTOK #gay

♬ original sound – Kehlani

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