Tom of Finland Fest Brings the Artist’s Iconic Drawings to Life

The Tom of Finland Foundation held its annual Art and Culture Festival this past weekend at its LA headquarters, and the event played out like one of Touko Laaksonen’s iconic drawings brought to life.

The focus of this year’s fest was moving pictures – a nod to the U.S. release later this month of the ToF biopic – and the programmers rounded out the art on display with live tattooing and skateboarders grinding on a halfpipe in the foundation’s leafy front yard.

Recently out-and-proud pro skater Brian Anderson was on hand as a guest artist, along with loads of covetable erotica curated by LA-based artist Rubén Esparza (not to mention the many priceless Tom of Finland works that permanently adorn the foundation’s walls).

We sent photographer Navi ( out to document the action – from the sex dungeon underneath the house to the pleasure park in the backyard – and he didn’t disappoint.

Peter Kalisch, @peter_kalisch

Brian Anderson, @nolimitsoldier

Jon Vaz Gar, @jonvazgar

Manuel Rodrigues, @dj_sadboy

Missie O’Tool

Brian Valence, @yungbambiboy

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