Troye Sivan Sings About Bottoming in ‘Bloom’ Video

· Updated on May 29, 2018

Troye Sivan has never strayed away from the queer aesthetics in his music videos. The video for “Youth” featured young gay love soaked in purple lighting, and his most recent visual accompaniment for “My My My!” was heavily inspired by cruising culture.

Today, Sivan released the video for “Bloom,” which is a perfectly accurate depiction of the song. It’s obviously about his love of flowers, featuring the artist in animated avatar form, floating around a warehouse of floral extravagance.

There’s also the amazing subtext about bottoming in gay sex. That’s right:this anthem of gay sex is all about the finer points of receiving. Sivan even confirmed it himself before taking down a tweet that said “#BopsBoutBottoming” and the rest of gay Twitter has caught on.

“I need you to tell me right before it goes down,” he sings. “Promise me you’ll hold my hand if I get scared now. Might tell you to take a second baby slow it down. You should know I, you should know I, yeah I boom, I bloom just for you.”

If that’s not the most long overdue tribute to the boys who know how to take it like a man, then I’m a dom top. We’ve been shamed long enough by our own community, so it’s about time someone embraced it even if it had to come through a floral metaphor.

Troye Sivan’s “Bloom” is now available online.

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