Troye Sivan: A Queer Icon Continuing to Take the World by Storm

Troye Sivan Mellet is a South African-born Australian singer, songwriter, and actor who originally gained popularity through his YouTube channel. He has since gone on to conquer the music world with his upbeat songs and captivating lyrics. He’s currently set to play a recurring role in The Weeknd’s upcoming HBO drama series The Idol.

Troye is an inspiration for many LGBTQ+ youth as well as a symbol of acceptance and progress within music and entertainment. Let’s take a look at why Troye Sivan is an inspiration to so many people around the world.

Troye’s had quite a musical journey

Troye Sivan’s musical career has been nothing short of extraordinary. It began at age 11 when he first sang for Australia’s Channel Seven Perth Telethon; however, it was his third EP, ‘TRXYE’ that took him mainstream. The 2014 EP peaked at number 5 on US Billboard 200 charts while its lead single ‘Happy Little Pill’ was a huge hit in Australia, reaching 10 on their ARIA Charts.

Following this success, his debut album ‘Blue Neighborhood’ charted worldwide with its lead single ‘Youth’ managing to chart at the peak position of 23 on the US Billboard Hot 100. His original songs for 2018 movie Boy Erased even earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Troye Sivan had continued success with his second studio album ‘Bloom’, which was released in August 2018. It debuted at number 4 on the US Billboard 200, becoming his highest-charting album to date. The album featured his smash hit single ‘My My My!’ which peaked at 80 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

During the last couple of years, Troye hasn’t released an album but has put out a few singles including “Angel Baby” and “You Know What I Need.”

Not just a musician—Troye is also an actor

In 2009, Troye had a cameo as a young Wolverine in the movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine alongside Hugh Jackman and Liev Schreiber, setting the stage for his future acting aspirations. Between 2010 and 2014, Troye played the title character, John “Spud” Milton, in the Spud film trilogy. In 2018, he also played Gary in the biographical drama Boy Erased.

This year, Troye is set to play a regular role in The Weeknd’s upcoming HBO series The Idol. He’ll be on screen with a star-studded cast including Lily-Rose Depp, Dan Levy, Euphoria’s Sam Levinson, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie Kim. The drama series is said to center around an aspiring pop star who has a nervous breakdown and enters a complex relationship with a modern-day cult leader.

Troye came out to the world as gay on YouTube

Troye Sivan came out publicly when he was 18 – three years after he first coming out to his family. Since then, his work has created a platform for the LGBTQ+ community to connect with and relate to – from music like Heaven or Wild that delve into tales of gay love, to openly discussing what it means for him personally to be queer and how this affects his life.

Troye is a twink with a mild form of Marfan syndrome

While his skinny aesthetic and a quick Google search will confirm that Troye is a twink…

Fans may not know that some of Troye’s slim features are a result of him having a mild form of Marfan Syndrome. Marfan Syndrome is a genetic disorder that affects the connective tissue in the body that, in Troye’s words, “makes [him] super thin, with long bendy fingers, and a high palette.”

We can’t wait to see or hear what Troye does next!

Troye Sivan is more than just a talented musician and actor, he’s an inspiration to many LGBTQ+ people around the world. His music speaks volumes in terms of acceptance, progress, and self-love within modern society.

Troye has earned countless awards for his work as an artist and actor, but it’s perhaps his bravery in coming out publicly that makes him most remarkable. He continues to inspire young people everywhere with his story of courage and hope for a brighter future where everyone can be their true selves without fear or judgment.

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