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Troye Sivan’s brother Tyde Levi teases a sexuality reveal

What’s better than one Troye Sivan? Two Troye Sivans, of course — or at least the closest we can get, in the form of his younger brother Tyde Levi.

Levi is a musician in his own right, following in the footsteps of his “Rush”-penning older brother. He captured the internet’s attention a week ago with a video of him raiding Sivan’s closet for new outfits while he’s off on tour.

“Troye, I love you, but the best part about you going away is that I get your wardrobe,” Levi said before trying on a plethora of Sivan’s clothes (with plenty of shirtless footage in between outfits).

Naturally, the gays were curious about Levi’s story and if he, too, were part of the queer community. Levi took notice, responding to the attention on X. “This tweet going viral and everyone in the comments asking if i’m 💅,” he wrote.

That didn’t answer the question of Levi’s sexuality, though, and neither did his next response: a recreation of a Charli XCX video where the “360” singer answered a fan who’d asked if she was bisexual.

“‘Are you bi? It’s giving bi vibes.’ I’m actually not bi, but I’m really happy I’m giving you bi vibes because that would be cool,” Levi said, quoting Charli. “But I’m not bi. So, sorry if I let you down.”

(Here’s the original Charli video for reference. Levi nailed the details for his recreation, even down to the outfit.)

Again, Levi had dodged the question. He’s not bisexual — so how does he identify? If fans want to know, he said, they’ll have to wait for his upcoming debut album.

“Unfortunately you will learn on my album that I am in fact…… ———,” Levi wrote. “First single this Friday.”

What might those nine blank letters represent? Fans think the missing word is “pansexual,” but we won’t know for sure until Levi lets us know in his new music, whenever that may be. (Notably, though, neither “straight” nor “heterosexual” would fit in those blanks. Much to think about.)

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