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This moment from Troye Sivan’s new tour has all the gays talking

Troye Sivan just kicked off his international Something To Give Each Other Tour, and it is — as expected — indescribably gay.

Sivan played all the hits from his latest album, along with a few tracks from his older projects and his collabs with Ariana Grande and Charli XCX. But it’s not Sivan’s songs themselves that have the gays obsessed: it’s the way he performed them.

During his performance of “Got Me Started,” Sivan assumed a very…ahem, suggestive pose, getting on his knees and singing into a mic that a backup dancer held at his crotch. Needless to say, Sivan’s fans can’t get enough of his unabashed homoerotic antics.

Elsewhere in the show, Sivan proved his pop prowess by bringing the “One Of Your Girls” music video to life on stage. He can dance like Britney and serve like Madonna, as fans pointed out that his outfit is an homage to the latter’s performance at the 1989 MTV Video Music Awards.

He revived his drag persona from the video, too, for a transition clip that played before he performed the song.

For his performance of “Dance to This” off his sophomore album Bloom, Sivan writhed around on a bed with satin sheets.

And of course, his performance of last year’s song of the summer “Rush” wouldn’t be complete without a makeout sesh in the middle. He kissed his dancer during the song, leaving many fans wondering how they could score that gig for themselves.

It all adds up to a fabulously queer concert perfect for Pride month, and it’s just getting started. Tickets for the rest of Sivan’s tour (and his North American Sweat Tour with Charli XCX) are for sale on his website.

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