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Troye Sivan lives out ‘gay men’s dream’ in his new music video

Troye Sivan’s new era is capturing every angle of life as a queer man, from the wild party energy channeled in “Rush” to the animal attraction of “Got Me Started.” And with his latest single, he’s tapping into a painfully relatable experience: having a crush on a straight boy.

In “One Of Your Girls,” which dropped alongside Sivan’s new album Something To Give Each Other, he laments how badly he wants to be with a boy he can’t have.

“Give me a call if you ever get desperate,” Sivan sings on the chorus. “I’ll be like one of your girls.”

To match the lyrics, Sivan crafted a music video featuring impeccable drag and some serious eye candy, including one of today’s hottest straight celebs, Ross Lynch. The (frequently shirtless) actor and singer got his start on Disney Channel, and with his appearance in this video, he’s putting the “ally” in Austin & Ally.

While dressed in high femme drag, Sivan proved he really could be one of Lynch’s girls, dancing for him, pulling his hair, and straddling his hips. Fans were understandably jealous: “It’s so crazy how he was living most of gay men’s dream in this moment,” one user wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

Lynch, for his part, played the role of an unavailable straight boy perfectly, prompting some fans to wonder if he even wanted to be there.

Meanwhile, Sivan looked undeniably stunning in a soft, sultry look courtesy of makeup artist Mark Carasquillo. Take notes, people: this is how you do music video drag.

He even garnered comparisons to iconic pop divas like Shakira and Britney Spears. Clearly, Sivan’s drag alter ego will need to make an appearance at his next concert. For a drag name, how about Helen of Troye? That face could definitely launch a thousand ships.

“One Of Your Girls” is just one of several new bops on Sivan’s album, which is now streaming on all platforms.

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