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Trump unveiled a strange piece of performance art and everyone is confused

As Trump continues to embarrass himself in the wake of his hush money convictions, things continue to get weird. After a clip from a 2023 Texas rally resurfaced, however, it feels as if they couldn’t possibly get any weirder.

While addressing the crowd, Trump put his hands up and launched into a bizarre monologue that seems to be a reenactment of a conversation between himself and his mother.

Even with that bare bones context, we can’t explain what’s going on with his hands. Why the baby fists? Is he trying to reenact his own birth?

“I want to know the context,” one commenter wrote, “but i feel like even with it, i still wouldn’t understand.”

Honestly…same. There’s nothing that could make this any less bizarre than it is.

“The way you went ‘I saw it so all of you have to too,'” another Twitter user commented, “and now I want to erase this memory from my brain LMAO WHAT EVEN IS THE CONTEXT I-“

One thing is clear: it’s going to be an extremely confusing election year.

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