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Travis Kelce says he wants his team’s load: ‘Wear and tear me’

Travis Kelce is no stranger to playing rough with his NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs — but his latest statement makes it sound like he wants to take things to the next level.

At a recent press conference, Kelce was asked if he’s prepared to shoulder a big workload for his team in the upcoming football season. An innocent question, but Kelce’s word choice in his response immediately caught the gays’ attention.

“Wear and tear me, baby. I’m ready for it, man,” Kelce said. “Put the load on me.”


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Pause. Kelce wants to be “worn and torn” by his teammates and coach? He’s “ready for it” and wants them to “put the load” on him? It doesn’t take an especially dirty mind to do a double take at those statements.

Kelce, of course, only meant that he’s ready for a big responsibility. The load he wants is metaphorical, not … ahem, biological.

“I love being accountable for the men and the women in this building and Chiefs kingdom. I love the aspect of, you know, everybody count on me to try and make that play for the team and just do the right things out there on the field,” Kelce continued, making his meaning clear.

Reporters also asked Kelce, who’s coming up on his 35th birthday, how long he plans to keep playing football. “I can’t put a timeframe on it, man. I love going to work every single day,” he replied. “I’m gonna do it ‘til the wheels fall off, and hopefully that doesn’t happen any time soon.”

So Kelce also wants to “do it ‘til the wheels fall off” — the innuendos are off the charts. It’s all accidental, though: fans know that the tight end only has eyes for girlfriend Taylor Swift. Still, if Kelce ever wanted to swing in the other direction, there’s clearly a legion of thirsty gays ready to welcome him with open arms.

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