Burning Question

Twitter is Torn Over the Eternal Question: Which Guy is Hotter?

Over the weekend, a question was posed that shook Twitter users to their core—especially the part of Twitter that cares about hot men.

When writer Ashley Reese (@offbeatorbit) took time out at a wedding to pose what is now becoming the immortal question of our age, nobody knew how polarizing the debate would become.

Within minutes, it took Twitter by storm. Everyone needed to know the answer to this burning question of who was hotter: a young Al Pacino, or a young Robert De Niro?

Some are team De Niro:

Others are team Pacino:

Others are watching Succession.

Some are saying it’s too close to call:

And still others have seen Dog Day Afternoon, the iconic 70s films in which a young Pacino holds up a bank to pay for his trans girlfriend’s gender-affirming surgery. Is there anything hotter than that?

Some are simply calling it the greatest debate in history. And they’re not wrong.

Even Vanity Fair got in on it:

Pacino hive, assemble!

The girls are STRESSED.

I’ll leave you with this important PSA:

There are great arguments to be made on both sides, but let’s face it: there’s only one answer and it’s:

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