Trouble in Daddyland

Why were gay men kicked out of Daddyland?

Last weekend, hundreds of gay men were booted from attending the Daddyland party in a Dallas, Texas hotel, Crowne Plaza Downtown Dallas, according to The Advocate. This reportedly came after complaints from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority members, who were also in attendance at the hotel for a separate event.

“The OWNER OF THE HOTEL is requesting you LEAVE [IMMEDIATELY]. You will get a refund for Saturday, July 6, 2024, and Sunday, July 7, 2024. Please move out BY 6 PM. ALL PARTIES & EVENTS ARE CANCELLED SATURDAY 7/6, SUNDAY 7/7, & MONDAY 7/8,” said the notice.

We’re not entirely sure why the eviction happened. The hotel owner claims that people with the Daddyland event were undressed and that people were uncomfortable with their behavior, while an attendee claims that AKA members and Daddyland attendees were conversing with each other without incident.

Daddyland staff, on the other hand, point out that some attendees having minimal clothing is normal for these types of events, and that this was largely kept to all event spaces or private areas.

Either way, this incident left many confused and scrambling to get their bearings. Some people had to rush out of there, and that customer service agents had no clue how to help anyone. 

One attendee said to The Advocate, “I think there is a matter of attendees not respecting the public spaces based on stories I’ve heard. But the hotel kicking out all attendees immediately was horrendously inappropriate.”

Daddyland released a statement on Facebook where they said, “while we stand up for the many for the actions of the few the owner refused to listen to reason and made the decision to evict without notice everyone attending our events. We are committed to making this right for those affected.”

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