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Casey Frey Just Came Out Very Casually

If you don’t know Casey Frey by name, you probably know him on sight. The OG Vine star has been an Internet fixture since TikTok was but a twinkle in ByteDance’s eye, and is most known for his hilarious, intense dance videos. 

Such as this wonderfully moody dance:

And this celebration of farts!




♬ Farting Around – Kevin MacLeod

And of course this gem:




♬ original sound – Casey Frey

Though Frey has been in the public eye for a while, fans have long speculated about his sexuality. And while Frey certainly doesn’t owe us any type of disclosure, it was exciting to learn, in an episode of podcaster Theo Von’s “This Past Weekend,” that Frey is currently dating a guy, and things seem to be going well. He even makes a few butt-wrestling jokes!

The two met online, and they’re very cute together.

“I like teddy boys,” Frey explains, “I like girls too.” He goes on to explain that he’s never dated men before, and that this is his first queer relationship. It’s all very sweet and casual, and there’s something about a hugely visible TikToker and content creator just casually explaining that he dates dudes now. Like our friend (and Olivia Rodrigo’s sworn enemy) Joshua Bassett, Frey isn’t hanging on to labels. He’s just dating, and it’s chill and fun. Honestly, this is the casual Summer energy we need right now: Lorde has reemerged, Frey is bisexual, and nature truly is healing.

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