It’s Not Too Late to Give Trans Kids The Christmas Gift of Their Dreams

This time of year is tough on everyone: if you’re a trans kid who’s scared and facing a lot of adversity at home, it can be even harder to envision a happy future in the new year.

That’s why TranSanta exists. Since 2020, cofounders Indya Moore, Chase Strangio, and Kyle Lasky have been making sure trans kids across the country feel loved, safe, and celebrated. The good news is that it’s not too late to give this year. In fact, there are plenty of trans kids out there who need our help.


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Donating is as easy as be: just take a look at this spreadsheet, buy something off the Amazon wishlist, and you’ve made a trans kid’s holiday season that much better.

In a year of heightened violence against trans folks and anti-trans laws sweeping the country, it means a lot to show a kid that they matter and are loved, even if their local politicians are fighting tooth and nail to make them feel invisible.

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