This queer TikToker just asked the question we’re all dying to answer

Have you ever witnessed a scene between two straight people and wished you could intervene? Of course you have: we’ve all been there. Some straight couple is having another argument stemming, usually, from their unquestioned faith in the cis straight societal norms that tell them that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. And you’re standing there, dying to interject, dying to tell them what every queer person knows, dying to ask them what every queer person is constantly wondering:

Why isn’t everyone gay?

That’s the question one creator, Amoi (@colourmi) posted to TikTok the other day, and we can’t stop thinking about it.

“Every day I’m taken aback that everybody is not gay,” she said. Honestly, same.

She goes on to explain that she feels like we’re “evolving into a sapphic state…particularly in Black spaces, we’re evolving into a space where only women are going to be able to relate to women.” This is also a world in which the male gaze ceases to matter, and everybody is happy. Sounds like heaven, and I’d like 5 tickets please.

“That’s the true utopia, everybody’s just queer and doing whatever the f*ck they want…Gender do not matter, sexuality do not matter, everybody just f*ckin’ around.”

Again…when is this happening and can we possibly make it our reality as soon as humanly possible?

Now I know what you’re thinking—there are problems with assuming that everybody has some kind of hidden or repressed queerness they can suddenly tap into, and we’ve gone over what they are. That said, it’s true that more people are coming out as queer than even these days, not because they’re putting magic gay hormones in the water (I wish) but because we’re living in a society where staying in the closet simply isn’t the vibe. Gen Z isn’t more inherently queer, but less repressed than ever. So if the possibility to be gay presents itself, people are taking it! And that is, indeed, the utopia we’re looking for.

“Doesn’t that sound like…shouldn’t I be the President?” Amoi asks. I mean, yes! She’s got our vote.

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