Too Hot to Handle

Christians are hot and bothered over sexy Jesus poster

*Photo Credit: Salustiano García Cruz

Can Jesus be depicted as sexy and gay? These Christians think so and they’re not happy about it.

Seville, Spain’s Holy Week poster has causes quite a stir as of late. The annual poster took some artistic liberty with its depiction of Jesus and many think this version of Christ is too hot to handle.

Created by Seville artist Salustiano García Cruz, the poster features a scantily clad Jesus, leaving little to the imagination. While the photo may make viewers blush, critics are accusing the photo as being homoerotic.

Fellas, is it gay for Jesus to be shirtless and handsome?

While this depiction of Jesus is more revealing than most, it’s not uncommon to have Jesus depicted shirtless or ripped, for that matter, in images. Seville’s Mayor, José Luis Sanz, wrote it off, stating, “Some posters are riskier, some more classical, some are more daring.”

We’re not mad at an artist taking artistic liberties with their subjects, but why does a handsome Jesus equate to gay? Cruz, who work can be found in exhibitions in the U.K., Spain, South Korea, Germany, and the U.S. believes that line of thinking is absurd.

“A gay Christ because he looks sweet and is handsome, come on! We are in the 21st century,” Cruz said for El Mundo. “A lot of controversy comes from the fact that the model is too good, the Christ too handsome, too attractive.”

The model in question is Cruz’s son, Horacio. Looks like the artistic influence runs in the family, as do the looks.

Check out more of Cruz’s work below.

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