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Meet your new Batman: Colman Domingo

Colman Domingo is on a roll. After winning praise and generating Oscars buzz for his lead role in the biopic Rustin (due out on Netflix on November 17), the 53-year-old has been announced as the new voice of Batman.

Domingo will voice Batman in the Spotify limited series, The Riddler: Secrets In The Dark, due out October 10. Comedian Hasan Minhaj will reprise the role of The Riddler. He first played the part in Spotify’s podcast Batman: Unburied (which featured Winston Duke as Bruce Wayne).

Domingo has been building his career over the last three decades as a dependable character actor. However, it’s only in the last ten years or so that he’s really begun to gain mainstream attention and fame.

You may have seen him in the movies Lincoln (2012) and Selma (2014). He has played Victor Strand in over 100 episodes of Fear Of The Walking Dead (2015 onwards), and Ali in Euphoria (for which he won an Emmy last year).

Another movie he stars in, the prison-set drama Sing Sing, was critically acclaimed at the recent Toronto International Film Festival. It’s been picked up by A24 for distribution.

Going by the early reviews of both Rustin and Sing Sing, expect Domingo to feature in the ‘Best Actor’ categories when awards season comes around.

Away from the screen, Domingo is a vocal LGBTQ+ advocate. He also regularly shares images of his life with his husband Raúl Domingo, on his Instagram.

On that platform, Domingo shared a screenshot of a Hollywood Reporter story about his latest casting news. He added a caption simply saying, “Being Batman is kinda the coolest thing.”

Colman Doming shares news of his Batman casting

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