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Watch this dancer’s twisted take on Doechii’s ‘Alter Ego’

Why this dancer’s moves caught the eye of the “Persuasive” rapper.

Doechii‘s new era is here with the release of her song “Alter Ego” with fellow Florida rapper JT. The song features an infectious house beat that’s taken to new heights with Doechii’s powerful and whimsical delivery. And the music video features plenty of chaotic fierceness for her fans, affectionately called “the Swamp,” to enjoy.

Now, it seems like there’s another way to tap into your alter ego and Doechii shared it with everyone. On Sunday, the “What It Is” singer posted a video of Mexican choreographer and dancer Emilio Jimenez dancing to “Alter Ego” and raved about his moves.

“THIS IS WHAT I WANNA SEE 😫👏🏿,” Doechii wrote. “Obsessed with this contemporary interpretation of ‘Alter Ego.’ So abstract so precise so next level.”

Check out the video below.

We’re still trying to figure out how he moves like that. Jimenez is an alum of the CLI Conservatory, the choreographer for Mexican pop star Danna, and runs a clothing line called Novem. And still finds time to shock and awe with his dance skills online.

Jimenez’s Instagram account is full of his dance videos, but interestingly, this video wasn’t originally choreographed to “Alter Ego.” Instead, Jimenez’s original routine was to Renick Bell & Fis’ “Potassium Lounge” and was choreographed by Zoï Tatopoulos. While the choreography is just as eery and striking, Tatopoulos’ addition of “Alter Ego” to video is the cherry on top.

“I would love to see more contemporary dancers interpret editorial rap, im HERE FOR IT 👏🏿,” Doechii added to her post.

And she just might, if Tatopoulos has anything to do with it. She already choreographed dance routines for experimental pop sensation FKA Twigs’ “Tears in the Club.” Not to mention, she choreographed routines to songs from popular artists like Tinashe and Ice Spice in the past.

With Doechii following both Tatopoulos and Jimenez on Instagram, do we smell a collab cooking? Only time will tell.

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