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Anne Hathaway says this zodiac sign has undeniable sex appeal

Anne Hathaway has undeniable sex appeal and she chocks it up to being born under this zodiac sign.

Whoever said that Hathaway doesn’t have sex appeal might need to get their eyes checked. But for the accomplished Hollywood actress, those were the words said to her at the early aughts of her career. Thankfully, Hathaway never believed it, something she mentions in her interview for Vanity Fair.

“I was like, ‘I’m a Scorpio. I know what I’m like on a Saturday night,’” Hathaway said in the interview.

Anyone who reviews Hathaway’s filmography (or sees her on a Saturday night out) can find many a performance where her sex appeal is on full display. From her role as the felonious cat burglar Selina Kyle/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises to her playing a mysterious and persuasive psychologist in Eileen, Hathaway knows a thing or two about being sexy. But she also recognized that what was deemed sexy in the beginning of career came from the skewed lens of the male gaze.

“The male gaze was very dominant and very pervasive and very juvenile,” Hathaway added.

While Hathaway concerned herself with how she looked in her 20s, she’s more concerned with how she feels.

“I feel ready to be a sexual creature out loud,” Hathaway said.

But you don’t have to take our word or Hathaway’s, for that matter. Famed Versace designer Donatello Versace called this Scorpio queen “dangerous, but sexy” and even went as far saying that, while her “power and beauty” caught her attention, Hathaway’s “real strength is her kindness and compassion.”

Hathaway will show off all of her talent, compassion, and “dangerous, but sexy” side in the upcoming film The Idea of You. Fans will get to see the star in her element as a single mom Solène entering a relationship with Hayes (Nicholas Galitzine), a man 16 years younger than her and one of the biggest “boybanders” alive. The book was a hit for its very sexy love scenes, but also for its focus on female pleasure.

“It’s not like one healthy, consensual female orgasm (okay, multiple) is going to change the world, but I’m really happy to be part of a story that takes pleasure in female pleasure,” Hathaway said.

While Hathaway heats up the silver screen, yet again, the internet can’t get over that anyone would think she didn’t have sex appeal.

Also, Hathaway’s words seemingly united her Scorpio fan club.

Just the like the internet said, Hathaway is bae. The Idea of You premieres on Prime Video on May 2. 

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