Barbie Outgrossed Harry Potter at the Box Office. Here’s Why That’s Huge

From its first teaser trailer release, we had a feeling the Barbie movie was going to move mountains and accomplish miracles. And how sweet it is to be proved correct! As of this morning, Barbie, now entering its 5th week, has outgrossed Warner Bros’ previous highest-grossing release, 2010’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

That means that Barbie hasn’t only made herstory: she’s dethroned the Harry Potter franchise. Which means a certain something for a certain TERF.

At the beginning of this year, JK Rowling, the famously transphobic author of the “Harry Potter” book series, suffered a dip in income after reports surfaced that Pottermore, Rowling’s digital publisher and Harry Potter content hub, saw a 40% decrease in sales.

Did this decrease have anything to do with Rowling’s doubling-down on her transphobic views? It’s possible: Rowling’s name was recently removed from a Seattle Museum due to her history of anti-trans comments and actions, and it’s looking more and more like even fans of the Harry Potter franchise are becoming fed up with its creator’s antics.

Barbie‘s box office win, then, is more than a historic moment: it’s proof that creating a world where trans people exist can actually, you know, make some serious cash. Barbie, the 13th film in history to break $600 million in US box office sales, not only proudly features a performance by Hari Nef, but has been read as a metaphor about transness itself.

Even if Gran Turismo is currently giving Greta Gerwig’s masterpiece a run for its money, it’s already changed the world for the better.

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