But I'm a Bottom

The Director of Shiva, Baby is Making a Gay Movie Called Bottoms and…

Emma Seligman stans, get ready: Bottoms is coming. If you loved the director’s first (very gay) feature Shiva, Baby, you will be pleased to know that her next film is even gayer. 

In addition to re-casting Rachel Sennot, who delivered a stunning performance in Shiva, the queer cheerleading drama Bottoms will feature comic Ayo Edebiri and No Exit star Havana Rose Liu as GAYS who start a fight club in their school. Um…super gay premise, super HOT premise. Basically Jawbreaker and Heathers and Thoroughbreds but…gay? Sold.

Let’s goooooooo

The plot? Two unpopular queer girls try to become cool and date cheerleaders by establishing said fight club and rising to the top of the high school food chain. Once again, I’m not seeing a flaw here. No word yet on when the film will premiere, but rest assured we will be FIRST in line.

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