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The First “Cinderella” Trailer Just Dropped and Billy Porter Steals the Whole Show (Duh)

Whether you’re a fan of Drew Barrymore in Ever After, Brandy in the Disney Original Cinderella, or the Jennifer Coolidge/Hilary Duff classic A Cinderella Story, chances are you love your Cinderella content just as much as the next bitch. Every few years, a new version of “Cinderella” comes along to enchant the gays anew, and 2021 shall be no exception!

The minute we caught a first glimpse of the majestic Billy Porter as fairy god-person Fab G in the Amazon Prime original film Cinderella, we knew this movie was about to blow our tiny gay minds. And yes, I am using the royal “we” here.

Today brings us one step closer to Cinderella with the rollout of a new trailer. It’s super short and you don’t get to learn a whole lot about the plot, but it’s Cinderella so if you don’t know what the plot is already, I don’t know what to tell you. The important thing is that Camila Cabello serves lewks and Billy Porter shows up in that amazing gold ensemble to grant her wish just in time. 

We don’t get a glimpse of Minnie Driver as the evil stepmother or John Mulaney as the cryptically named “John.” And sadly there are no glimpses of Queen Missy Elliott as the Town Crier. But we do see a whole lot of glitz, glamour, and marigold tones. So that’s nice!

But the main thing is that Billy Porter slays. We always knew Billy was magic, this film is just making it official. ♦

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