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The First “Hellraiser” Trailer is Here and Holy Pinhead

In 1987, gay British auteur Clive Barker introduced the world to the Cenobites, a cult of pain-loving hotties who live in another dimension and will absolutely ruin your life if you mess around with a certain puzzle box. Needless to say, it was an instant classic that absolutely fed the gays for years. The iconic frontman of the Cenobites, Pinhead, remains a classic choice of Halloween attire and, if you’re Gottmik, the perfect drag showstopper.


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It was such a stunning look that Gottmik even got called to audition to play the cult leader in a new reboot. But Mik isn’t the only trans icon who adores Pinhead, the genderqueer Cenobite who lives to see you die a horrible death. When news of a Hulu reboot of Hellraiser came about last year, a collective joyous scream was heard as we learned that “Sense8” actress Jamie Clayton was chosen to take Pinhead to the next level.

Today, we got a look at the series’ first trailer, and boy oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Naturally, the gays were excited, to put it mildly.

Now was the trailer darkly-lit and confusing? Of course.

Are we still psyched to see it? Absolutely.

It’s all about Jamie.

Prepare your finger foods accordingly.

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