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Is God gay?

On the surface, Dicks: The Musical is an uproariously crass, queer comedy. But underneath the jokes, lyrics, and fanfare, there’s a message about love.

Well, that’s the way that film’s director Larry Charles sees it. In his new comedy, A24’s first musical, a pair of long lost twin brothers (Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp) find each other and then proceed to commit a The Parent Trap-esque scheme to get their parents (Nathan Lane and Megan Mullaly) back together. This all transpires through a whirlwind musical and one song truly highlights Dicks: The Musical’s commitment to “going there.”

All Love is Love,” led by Saturday Night Live’s Bowen Yang, during the song’s performance has God (Yang) come out as pansexual, has the deity sanctioning the union of the highly sexual twins, and features lyrics like “God is a f*****/All love is love.” Needless to say, the scene will probably ruffle a few feathers, but Charles thinks the scene, albeit provocative, is imperative. 

“I believe in the statement — it’s an important thing to say,” Charles said in an interview for Yahoo. “It’s a very provocative statement, but if you watch the scene in its entirety, it makes sense and should be OK for people.”

And for those that may have an issue with it, Charles encourages them to not “take it so seriously.”

Charles’ advice is applied all throughout a film that has two gay men cosplaying as straight men, the same two men proclaiming that their “f***ing identical twins,” and proceeds to have vaginas magically fly throughout the air – you read that right. In Dicks: The Musical, nothing is as what it seems, but nothing should also be taken seriously. 

“You recognize that you’re not supposed to take any of it seriously, and it relaxes people,” Charles added. “The film becomes woke-anti-woke and anti-woke-woke. It throws down the gauntlet on all of this canceling nonsense and we’re just having a great time.”

Everyone, including a fabulous deity, an alpha boss (Megan Thee Stallion) ruling her corporate kingdom, and a pair of kooky, very sexually active parents who can’t keep their hands off of each other, are in on the joke. Ultimately, Charles sees Dicks: The Musical as a vehicle for free speech. 

“If we really believe this is a country of free speech, then everybody should be able to say what they want to,” Charles says. “Nobody should have to kill each other because they have a different opinion. That’s one of the big messages of the movie. Ultimately, all love is love man! So just relax.”

In Dick: The Musical’s world, God is gay, all love is love, and nothing should be taken seriously. 
Dicks: The Musical is in theaters.

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