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Kristen Stewart Interview Reveals Rachel Sennott is Writing and Directing Her Own Movie

Clear the decks, because celebrated Shiva, Baby and Bottoms star Rachel Sennott is hard at work penning her own masterpiece.

According to modern-day sibyl @FilmUpdates (by way of Sennott’s recent Interview magazine story,) the film will be a semi-autobiographical comedy about Sennott’s experience in Hollywood, which she’s also set to direct.

Now look, if it’s anywhere near as good as Sennott’s viral “It’s LA” clip, we’ll be the first in line. We’re talking Barbie movie-level attendance. Asses in seats, people.

In the Interview feature, in which Sennott is interviewed by a slightly high Kristen Stewart, the conversation turns to Sennott’s role in Bottoms, which Stewart describes as “Baby Tár.” The two discuss Stewart and girlfriend Dylan Meier’s upcoming “stoner” film, Love Lies Bleeding, about a “messy, twisted lesbian,” before coming around to the subject of Sennott’s first auteurist effort.

“The lowest I ever was, was when I was tweeting during sex being like, “Ha, ha, ha. This is lame.”” Sennott explains. “I was embarrassed, but I was clearly not embarrassed enough because I was sharing that with everyone.” She then says that she’s in the midst of writing a script about “that period” of her life. The high cringe era. The tweeting during sex era.

And honestly…yes, mother. Do it. Give us cringe.

Is the world ready?

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