The First Trailer for Queer Sex Comedy Bottoms is Here

Queer fight club comedy Bottoms has finally got its first trailer, and it’s looking like viewers are in for an over-the-top ride. The film’s official Twitter account says it all: “Want to get punched in the face by hot girls? WELL GET IN LINE.”

Bottoms is the follow-up to writer/director Emma Seligman’s breakout feature Shiva Baby, and it was co-written by Bottoms and Shiva Baby lead Rachel Sennott. Describing their initial inspiration for the comedy, Seligman told the Alternative Press in March, “I was like, ‘I have one comedy idea and I want it to be a queer teen sex comedy for queer girls.’ But also, I wanted them to be heroes who save the day and fight in some capacity. That’s all I had for [Rachel], and she was like, ‘Great. I want to see horny women,’ and came at it from her perspective. Then we hit the ground running.”

So far, Bottoms looks to be living up to that premise, taking its cue from traditional teen sex comedies while turning them on their head. Rachel Sennott and Ayo Edebiri (The Bear) star as queer seniors PJ and Josie—or as they are described in the trailer’s opening line, “the ugly untalented gays.” Both have crushes on cheerleaders in their school, one of whom is dating the obnoxious football jock Jeff (Nicholas Galitzine).

When the two get in trouble for slightly injuring Jeff, they claim it was just practice for their self-defense club. From there, they decide to start the club for real, teaching other girls to defend themselves—all in the hopes of getting close to their crushes and losing their virginity. What follows in the trailer is a montage of punching, blood, broken noses, wet t-shirts, and an explosion (because of course).

Also, for those wondering about the film’s cheeky title, a line in the trailer explains, “We’re literally at the bottom. We have nowhere to go but up.”

The film already had its premiere on the festival circuit in early spring, and reviews are mostly positive, with the parade of quotes in the trailer describing Bottoms as “unhinged,” “hilariously weird,” and “the horniest, bloodiest high school movie of the 21st century.”

Bottoms will open in select theaters on August 25 with a full release on September 1.

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