Lily Gladstone’s yearbook photo sends internet into a frenzy

Lily Gladstone‘s historic Oscar nomination might’ve been predicted by her high school yearbook.

The Oscar nominations are officially out and while many across the internet are crying out against their faves being snubbed, there are some pretty historic queer nominations out there, like Jodie Foster and Colman Domingo‘s acting noms. And then there’s Killers of the Flower Moon star Lily Gladstone.

Aside from their historic awards season run, Gladstone joins the list of queer Oscar nominees this year and became the first Native American to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress, following in the footsteps of other Indigenous nominees Keisha Castle-Hughes (New Zealand) and Yalitza Aparicio (Mexico). But interestingly, Gladstone’s yearbook superlative already visualized her nomination.

In 2017, Gladstone posted her Mountlake Terrace High School yearbook superlative, shared with classmate Josh Ryder, which was “Most Likely to Win an Oscar.” The post is captioned with, “Well, MTHS class of 2004 – trying my best, got surprisingly close to a nod, 13 years out the gate. You guys called it! Josh, your turn.”

That nod turned into a nomination this year and, if the stars align, will become a historic win as well.

Gladstone had their high school’s support back in 2004 and now, she has it again. Her high school classmate and superlative co-winner Ryder let her know that their alma mater is hosting an Oscar viewing party in her honor.

“[Josh Ryder] told me, ‘I don’t know if you know this, but all of this greatness in your life has brought our whole class back together,’ ” Gladstone said. “They’re having an Oscars watch party. They already scheduled it to happen in our old high-school theater, so I’m happy that I didn’t disappoint there.”

The internet got a hold of Gladstone’s yearbook superlative photo again and can’t get over her high school superlative’s future sight.

Now, we’ll see if history is made again if Gladstone wins the coveted Oscar on March 10.

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