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Megan Thee Stallion Confirmed to Make Her Marvel Cinematic Universe Debut in She-Hulk

Looks like Thee Stallion is heading to Thee Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Confirmed in a recent interview for The Cut, Megan Thee Stallion will appear in the MCU’s She-Hulk

Megan is probably the most high-profile Blerd (Black nerd) out there, showing her love for all things geeky in interviews and on social media. Now, she gets to live out nerdy fantasies with an undisclosed role on the latest MCU summer show on Disney+.

The former Legendary judge had already been confirmed to join A24’s Fucking Identical Twins, alongside gay actors Bowen Yang and Nathan Lane and “queerly-beloved” actress Megan Mullaly. The movie musical is being called a spin on The Parent Trap

The H-Town Hottie already made her on-screen debut in 2020 on NBC’s Good Girls and was featured on an episode of Starz’s very good (and very queer) P-Valley, as her alter ego Tina Snow. So when she’s not topping music charts (check out her latest album Traumazine) and advocating for women and queer folks in music, the “Her” rapper finds time to film new projects. 

The chart-topping rapper isn’t the only musician to have joined the MCU. Zendaya was already giving pop/r&b bops prior to her role as M.J. in the Spider-Man franchise.

Scarlett Johansson was busy making dream pop records in the early millennium prior to taking on the mantle of Black Widow. 

Hailee Steinfeld was occupied with making pop hits before becoming Kate Bishop in Hawkeye.

Some know her as Katy Chen from Shang-Chi. Others will know her as rapper Awkwafina, known for making comedic rap songs. 

And Harry Styles has been feeding the world his brand of pop long before his new role as Eros in Eternals


And now, Hot Girl Meg is ready to make her MCU debut and fans (I’m fans) are excited to see the Grammy Award winner in She-Hulk.

“Hot Girl Summer” just got hotter. 

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