Nicholas Galitzine is starting a very queer collection

Nicholas Galitzine resume is stacked with popular TV shows and films, but he might be starting add something else to his portfolio.

Galitzine has ignited the internet many times. From his “bottom eyes” in Red, White & Royal Blue to his turn in the upcoming Harry Styles-esque fan fiction film The Idea of You, he continues to capture the internet’s attention. Now, after a recent interview, fans aren’t starting to see a new trend emerge.

On the Vanity Fair Oscars Party red carpet, Galitzine dished on The Idea of You and how his character, boybander Hayes Campbell, isn’t based on the “As It Was” singer. But he also let the world know he’s seen what we’ve said about him on social media. In the red carpet interview with Vanity Fair, Galitzine was asked who he wanted to work with next, now that he’s also worked with Oscar winner Julianne Moore in the upcoming series Mary & George, and his response says it all.

“I need another Oscar-winning actress for my next Infinity Stone,” Galitzine said.

Galitzine’s reference to Marvel baddie Thanos’ powerful, intergalactic jewels seems to have some weight behind it. So, let’s investigate. Galitzine’s role as George in Mary & George puts him opposite of Moore’s Mary and The Idea of You stars him and Oscar winner Anne Hathaway. Not to mention, he starred in the TV film The Watcher in the Woods with Academy Award winner Anjelica Huston.

At this point, Galitzine is collecting Oscar-winning actresses, as if they were Infinity Stones. Funny enough, this isn’t Galitzine’s phrase to coin. It actually comes from writer Zoë Rose Bryant, who tweeted about it.

He also quoted Bryant’s phrase in a separate interview for the podcast Plot Twist.

Needless to say, Galitzine is chronically online, but he may be on to something with the prestigious company he seems to keep. Now, folks are posting about who he should work with next. 78 actresses have Oscars for Best Actress and 86 actresses have won for Best Supporting Actress and honestly, working with any of these fabulous women (most of whom are queer icons) would be a win for Galitzine.

Who are you adding to your resume next, Mr. Galitzine?

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