People have a lot to say about this controversial Twisters marketing gimmick

Let’s be quite real: it takes a lot to get people to the movies these days. Dune 2 had the sandworm-riding dude, the infamous Zendaya ad, and the popcorn bucket you can f*ck, and most of us still didn’t drag ourselves to the theater to see it. It’ll be on Disney+ in a year, we can wait!

But the makers of Twisters, a sequel to 1996’s Twister nearly 30 years past its point of relevance, are leaning into the bit. They might not be featuring fleshlight-style popcorn containers or extreme costumes, but they are encouraging viewers of the film to step inside a portal that blows air at you before you see the movie.

I mean, what could go wrong? I can’t think of a thing!

While it might not be the most incentivizing gimmick on Earth, it is sparking some interesting ideas…

The possibilities are starting to unfold…

The Twisters booth wants us to live in a better world. It’s up to us to take charge.

The hotboxing possibilities? Endless.

If you’re not heading to the nearest AMC to get your rocks off…what exactly are you doing?

The copy writes itself!

Bring back the William Castle cinematic experience!

At least one person had the right idea, and we’ll let them have the absolute final word on the subject:

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