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You won’t believe which pop star auditioned for ‘The Notebook’

2004’s The Notebook was a sleeper hit that soon became a cult classic with a devout fanbase. Led by the talents of Ryan Gosling (pre-Kenergy) and Rachel McAdams (pre-Regina George), their on-screen romance made The Notebook one of the highest grossing romance films of all time. 

But would it be the same if Gosling and McAdams weren’t the stars? Well, Gosling was practically a shoe-in for the role, even though he scored it because he was relatively unknown and wasn’t handsome.

While we still don’t know in which universe Gosling isn’t handsome, in this one, McAdams had some stiff competition for her role. Actresses, such as Jessica Biel, Ashley Judd, and even Reese Witherspoon auditioned for the role, but one in particular would have brought a very different star power to The Notebook.

That actress would’ve been pop star Britney Spears. The “Toxic” singer, who was also a fellow Mickey Mouse Club member with Gosling, auditioned for the role and while she didn’t get it, her audition tape is circulating around the internet. 

While the coveted part of Allison “Allie” Calhoun went to McAdams, Spears’ fans believe she would’ve been a perfect fit for the role. The argument: she’s a Southern Belle from Mississippi with acting talent. 

Also, it’s not like Spears never acted before (*turns on Crossroads).

Perhaps in another timeline, both Gosling and Spears appeared in The Notebook and ate down.

Who else wants to see The Notebook with Ken and the Princess of Pop?

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