Rachel Sennott Fans Think She’s Coded as This Singer

Rachel Sennott has been giving us everything we need in every role she plays and apparently she’s giving Charli XCX vibes as well.

We’ve all seen someone and thought that they were coded as someone else, like how Ariana Grande is Mariah Carey-coded or how Jenna Ortega is Aubrey Plaza-coded. Well, the internet thinks they’ve discovered who this bisexual actress reminds them of. 

On Sunday, the X (formerly Twitter) handle @tundeolaniran shared a TikTok fan cam of Sennott with the caption, “she’s kinda the charli xcx of movies if you think about it.”

Let that sink in. 

Both of these talented ladies give off carefree, aloof party girl vibes in their respective performances. Whether that’s Charli channeling that in her music videos for “Speed Drive,” “Hot In It,” or “Used to Know Me” or Sennott doing the same thing in films like Shiva Baby or Bodies Bodies Bodies, of which Charli created the ending credit song for called “Hot Girl”. Not to mention, Charli co-produced the score for the Emma Seligman-directed Bottoms, of which Sennott stars in. 

So, their energies are destined to be intertwined. I mean, fans can see it in Sennott’s early social media comedy work. 

Also, the two interviewed each other via text for Interview Magazine last year to promote Bodies Bodies Bodies and the vibes they give off are on the same wavelength. I mean these kindred spirits discussed Pete Davidson’s BDE, buying Guy Ritchie-esque briefcases, and Sennott’s post about needing to meet the “Boom Clap” singer. After that exchange, I think it’s safe to say that these two are open book besties. 

Well, on Thursday, Charli got a hold of @tundeolaniran’s post and she had some thoughts of her own about Sennott’s coding, stating that she was “obsessed with this theory.”

We love a Charli approved theory and fans are obsessed.

Their energies are cosmically linked and we love it.   

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