Sebastian Stans are noticing something hilariously sad about the star’s take on Donald Trump

Say whatever you want about Sebastian Stan: something that must be said is that he has the range and the rhythm. From Tommy Lee Jones to the Mad Hatter to Bucky Barnes, Stan has played so many iconic roles in the space of ten years that it’s hard to keep up. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s aging like fine wine and hard cheese. The man is a regular charcuterie board, he’s just that sexy.

That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t spend a fair amount of his time onscreen trying to duck the curse of his eternally boyish beauty. Filmmaker Ali Abbasi tapped Stan to play a truly evil role in The Apprentice, a film that seeks to explore the relationship between gay lawyer and all-around heel Roy Cohn (Succession‘s Jeremy Strong) and his devilish mentee Donald Trump. In the upcoming biopic, Stan is set to star as Trump, and fans are not happy that the role has been given to a man with such a pretty and loveable countenance as Stan. Haven’t we suffered enough at the expense of the cursed #45? According to newly released images from the film, apparently not.

I mean yes, the wig is wigging, but that’s still our beautiful Sebastian underneath, eating what appears to be the world’s saddest Egg McMuffin.

Needless to say, fans are sounding off. Why was Stan chosen to take on the role of the Beelzebub himself?

Why would they do this to our boy? And why does he look like the people’s princess?

What’s in it for Stan (besides millions of dollars?)

It’s giving sad, it’s giving biopic, it’s giving Spencer.

We’ll just leave this here…

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