Father, Son, House of Gucci

Here are the Silliest Reactions to the “House of Gucci” Trailer

It’s been less than 24 hours since the House of Gucci trailer dropped, and it’s all anyone can talk about.

Well, “talk” might be the wrong word. It’s all anyone can meme about, in point of fact. The star-studded trailer featured unmissable camp moments from our Queen Lady Gaga, and these moments needed to be commemorated in meme form. It’s the least we peons can do to show House of Gucci our respect. First, let’s say what needs to be said: 

After coming to terms with this great truth, viewers considered the rich tapestry of filmic and literary influences that brought us House of Gucci:

Others were satisfied to lust after Adam Driver and his aviator glasses:

While many of us were feeling distinct Italian pride: 

Then came the conspiracy theories:

We marveled at Gaga’s accent:

Let’s hear it again, but in Gay:

Some of us were looking to upgrade out fashion to reflect this auspicious moment: 

While many of us are simply preparing to “get in character” for the film’s November release. 

Let’s not forget that our Lady of the Gaga is a religious woman, and so is her character Patrizia Reggiani:

Peace be with you. 

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