Method Acting

These two heartthrobs almost kissed on the red carpet

Call it method acting. Call it an innocent crush. Call it straight guys playing gay chicken. Any way you cut it, Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan clearly have chemistry.

The two actors were at the premiere of their new film Saltburn, where Keoghan plays a college student drawn in by his charismatic classmate, played by Elordi. Life seemed to imitate art as the two posed together on the red carpet, where an intense stare led the pair to lean in for a kiss.

Though they didn’t lock lips, no one can deny the very real connection the two seem to have. Keoghan, in particular, looked as though he would’ve followed through with the kiss, leaving fans screaming at Elordi for pulling away.

The two also have a height difference usually only found in rom-coms. At 6 feet and 5 inches tall, Elordi towers over Keoghan, who stands 5-foot-8. Who could blame him for falling for Elordi on set?

And though the two wouldn’t kiss in front of photographers, their near-kiss has fans speculating about what the pair get up to behind the scenes.

Apparently, Saltburn strikes a similar tone to this red carpet moment, with Elordi and Keoghan’s characters having some serious sexual tension — though if the film delivers on the gay relationship it’s teasing has yet to be seen. 

Alongside Elordi and Keoghan, the movie stars Rosamund Pike and Carey Mulligan. Even beyond its hunky leading men, Saltburn is shaping up to be a queer camp classic for the ages.

Saltburn hits theaters this Friday, November 17.

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