Jacob Elordi calls Brad Pitt his first celebrity crush, and people are not having it

Jacob Elordi made his name playing a huge a**hole on “Euphoria,” and if the Priscilla trailer is anything to go by, his interpretation of Elvis won’t be showing the King in the most forgiving light.

But make no mistake: Elordi has a softer side, and he’s starting to let it show. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night, Elordi revealed that he had a huge crush on Brad Pitt when he was younger. Elsewhere, he’s talking about his seminal crush on Orlando Bloom.

On being asked who his first celebrity crush was, Elordi told Fallon it had to be Brad Pitt in Troy, the 2004 Trojan War epic in which Pitt played the doomed Greek hero Achilles. “I thought, that’s a beautiful man,” Elordi explains.

So now we know that Elordi—whose career has long been dogged by queerbaiting accusations—has allegedly had crushes on two famous men. But are people actually buying it, or is this another case of Harry Styles chicanery?

The jury is out, basically.

Basically, people feel that saying “Brad Pitt” is pretty much a cop-out. Pitt—despite famously being an alleged abuser with some queerbaiting problems of his own—is a fairly generic choice. He’s the kind of guy about which any straight man could say, “yeah he’s good looking” without seeming too queer. So yeah, people are feeling…more than a way about Elordi’s response.

Suffice it to say this info is bringing up some truly mixed reactions.

Basically, anything can happen: men can be bisexual or gay and also attracted to Brad Pitt, and young celebs on the verge of mainstream movie stardom can also do some queerbaiting as part of the press tour. Who knows?

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