Queer Awakening

This Hugh Jackman scene in ‘X-Men 2’ made people gay

X2 (known internationally as X-Men 2) is the reason behind several queer awakenings and this clip proves it.

Every queer person has that one moment where they realized, “yep, I’m queer.” Queer awakenings happen all the time, whether you’re “lost” in Target’s underwear aisle or were incredibly fixated on a super hot celebrity in a magazine. But many queer awakenings happened from movies along and the X-Men sequel, X2, proves.

X2 follows the events of 2000’s X-Men, which introduced the world to mutants and the world-saving X-Men. Led by telepathic mutant Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), the X-Men, consisting of Storm (Halle Berry), Jean Grey (Fame Janssen), Cyclops (James Marsden), Rogue (Anna Paquin), and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), embark on a mission to fight off the genocidal Colonel Stryker (Brian Cox) hellbent on eradicating all mutants. Prior to the mission, Stryker attacks Professor Xavier’s mansion, known as Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, but what leads up to that moment is pure gay gold.

In one scene, Jackman’s Wolverine and Shawn Ashmore’s Bobby Drake a.k.a Iceman, look for a late-night snack. Wolverine opts for a beer that needs some cooling down, so he asks Bobby for some assistance, since he has cryokinesis. Bobby then proceeds to blow on the glass bottle, instantly making it frosty and flipping the “on switch” in the minds of many gays.

Check the scene out for yourself.

Interestingly, the X-Men, both in print and on-screen, are seen as an allegory to the LGBTQ+ community. Bobby even has a scene in X2 where he “comes out” as a mutant to his parents. But, according to the internet, Bobby (who’s gay in the comics) might’ve come out as something after his ice-cold “blowjob” scene with Wolverine.

So, the internet sounded off on the homoerotic clip and the reactions are everything.

We’ll see if any other queer awakenings happen after folks watch X-Men ’97 in March and Deadpool & Wolverine in July.

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