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Timothée Chalamet reacts to a ballroom dance-off that people thought was him

· Updated on December 13, 2023

Actor Timothée Chalamet is engaged in a whirlwind of media appearances at the moment to coincide with the release of his new movie, Wonka.

One such appearance was on the UK radio station, Heart. Host Dev Griffin showed Chalamet and Wonka co-star Calah Lane a video that has gone viral recently. It shows a ballroom performer taking part in a dance-off.

Part of the reason it’s gone viral is because some people at first thought the performer was Chalamet.

@kendrickmugler Chachou Miyake Mugler at the black Ether ball in Copenhague by Maji Miyake Mugler @Chachoudepartout #ballroomscene#ballroom#pourtoi#france#parisballroomscene#viral#fun#voguefem#ball#foryou#voguedance#copenhagen#danemark#mugler#miyakemugler#bqvf ♬ son original – Kendrick Mugler Tv

The performer is actually the super-talented Chachou Miyake Mugler. And yes, he does look a little like Chalamet from some angles.

Chachou’s skills impressed Chalamet, while Lane thought the whole thing hilarious.

@timhalchal TIMOTHÉE REACTING TO THE “VOGUING” VIDEO THAT WENT VIRAL 😭 #timothée #timotheechalamet ♬ original sound – K.

“That’s crazy,” says Chalamet. “He went off! That’s insane. If I did that, I would snap.

“I’m going watch that again in my own time.”

Here’s another video of Chachou doing his thing.

Wonka opened in 37 countries markets at the end of last week. It did good business in most territories and topped the international box office charts with a haul of $43 million. It was Warner Bros.’s second-biggest opening of the year in the UK, behind only Barbie.

The movie, a prequel to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with Chalamet playing a young Wonka, opens in the US this weekend, alongside a further 40 other countries.

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