Why Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan Won’t Be Visiting Barbieland Anytime Soon

It seems just about everybody has cameos in the upcoming bubblegum fantasy Barbie. Everyone except director Greta Gerwig’s movie star “children,” Saoirse Ronan and Timothée Chalamet. Gerwig recently explained the struggle to reunite the actors in Barbie and why it all fell apart.

Both Ronan and Chalamet starred in Gerwig’s breakout films Ladybird and Little Women. And apparently, Barbie nearly joined that cinematic universe until scheduling conflicts prevented the reunion.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Gerwig explained that the cameos were indeed planned from the beginning. “It was always going to have to be like a sort of smaller thing because [Ronan] was actually producing at the time, which I am so proud of her for,” Gerwig said. “And of course, it’s brilliant. But it was going to be a specialty cameo.

“I was also going to do a specialty cameo with Timmy. Both of them couldn’t do it and I was so annoyed. But I love them so much. But it felt like doing something without my children. I mean, I’m not their mom, but I sort of feel like their mom.”

Chalamet was likely in the middle of filming Dune: Part 2 or Wonka, the upcoming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory prequel. Ronan, meanwhile, was busy producing and acting in the drama Out Run, and she has previously expressed disappointment at not being able to make the Barbie cameo.

“I was supposed to do a cameo because I live in London and they were [filming] there,” Ronan explained to People. “There was a whole character I was going to play — another Barbie. I was gutted I couldn’t do it.”

She was so gutted, she even tried to sneak in the backdoor—through post-production. “I have texted Margot and Greta and I’m like, ‘If you’re doing any pick-up [shots], maybe I can just walk through the background?’”

In the meantime, we’ll just have to look forward to the many other gay faves showing up in the film and on the soundtrack, including cameos from Issa Rae, Ncuti Gatwa, Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, Emma Mackey, Ana Cruz Kayne, Alexandra Shipp, and Kingsley Ben-Adir.
Barbie premieres in theaters on July 21.

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