The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is Coming

Indie publisher Devolver Digital has announced The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, a narrative adventure game where you play as an outcast witch plotting revenge against your former coven. The new teaser trailer promises tarot deck building, a compelling branching narrative that spans decades, a diverse cast of witches, and a mystic world rendered in beautiful pixel art.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood comes from Deconstructeam, the Spanish developer behind 2018’s The Red Strings Club. Set within a dark cyberpunk city, The Red Strings Club was praised for its complex narrative where gay, trans and gender-fluid characters were naturally woven into a futuristic, morally fraught world. Now, their highly anticipated follow-up game is ditching the neon-drenched city streets for mystic realms and astral planes.

The title says it all—The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is a game of cosmic scale. The story follows Fortuna, a witch whose coven has exiled her to an asteroid for a thousand years. Her crime: tarot reading that foretold the coven’s fall. Now 200 years into her sentence, Fortuna resolves to personally make sure that prediction becomes reality.

She performs the forbidden rites to summon Abramar, a sinister deity who agrees to help her rebuild her power—all for the price of an unbreakable pact. Here, the gameplay comes in: players must design new tarot cards to give Fortuna the edge she needs to challenge an entire coven. Doing so drains magic energy, which players can rebuild by performing tarot readings.

Not only do these readings allow Fortuna to siphon energy from unwitting witches, they deepen the narrative, giving players insight into the lives and secrets of a whole cast of unique characters. Throughout the game, players make dialogue choices that shape Fortuna’s personality and arc as well as the course of the cosmos.

Despite its occult elements, the game is staunchly grounding its characters in reality. Early previews have taken the setting from Fortuna’s asteroid prison to flashbacks of Earth, where she camps out on a beach with friends to watch a meteor shower.

So far, the vibe is giving arcane, bewitching, humorous—with a touch of tragedy. The newly released trailer offers a glimpse at Deconstructeam’s detailed pixel art and ethereal snippets from the 3-hour-long score by returning trans composer fingerspit.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is slated for launch on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

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