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Alé Araya finds new strength in “SOLA CON LA LUNA”

Get lost in the breeziness of Alé Araya’s latest single.

Mixing jazz, electronic, R&B, soul, Latin elements, and cherubic vocals, Araya creates a sound that feels like a warm breeze caressing your skin – a sound that even former President Barack Obama loves. The Chilean-American artist returns with the bilingual track “SOLA CON LA LUNA” dedicated to discovering strength through solitude. Following her single “Bella,” the new dreamy track serves as a testament to the shared exploration of identity and self-acceptance that Araya and collaborators Filipino producer/multi-instrumentalist Mirelle Cabangbang and Argentinian singer/songwriter Mechi Pieretti found within.

The song kicks off with the a simple realization ‘all it was was a lesson,’ alluding to a situation that no longer served Araya. The Los Angeles native glides along the airy track singing about growth and enlightenment within the chaos of life. Araya trades external validation for inner wisdom while a pumping beat drives her along her journey of self-discovery. Araya sings ‘Sola con la luna (alone with the moon),’ revealing that all she needs is the moon to illuminate the path to growth and empowerment.

Araya’s love of music was fostered at young age, playing piano at 5 years old. She looked to music as an escape from a tumultuous childhood, leading her playing multiple instruments in several jazz bands and diving into the artistry of musicians like Erykah Badu and Rochelle Jordan. Araya eventually started writing songs, learned to produce tracks via YouTube, and found a therapeutic love for dance during her early teens.

The 23-year-old multihyphenate began songwriting and producing for artists like Saba, Joseph Chilliams, Alice Glass, Lexa Gates and Riovaz and gained co-signs from fellow queer artists UMI and Raveena. Aside from songwriting and producing, Araya directs all of her visuals, designs her clothing, leads her choreography, and leaves her mark on the graphic design process of her projects. Additionally, Araya is member of POC-led artist community KOGO, featuring creatives like REHMA, CONNIE, Curtis Waters, and KOAD.

Now, her new era begins with “SOLA CON LA LUNA.” If you’re a fan of artists like Sabrina Claudio, Cleo Sol, Charlotte Day Wilson, Jhené Aiko, Joyce Wrice, and Kali Uchis, then you’ll love Araya. Check out the visualizer for “SOLA CON LA LUNA” below.

Catch Araya are her next show on May 23 in New York City at the Sultan Room, along with Isa Reyes and SOPHIETHEHOMIE.

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