Eat That Girl For Lunch

All the gayest moments from Billie Eilish’s new album

Billie Eilish’s highly awaited third album Hit Me Hard And Soft is finally here, and its queer themes are undeniable. From the obvious to the implied, here are all the gayest moments from Eilish’s new album.

Of course, the queer highlight is the album’s second track, “Lunch,” which already went viral from a snippet Eilish played at Coachella. There, fans got a taste of the song’s chorus, which makes it clear Eilish wasn’t kidding when she said she “wanted [her] face in a vagina.”

On the chorus, Eilish sings, “I could eat that girl for lunch / Yeah, she dances on my tongue / Tastes like she might be the one.” It’s a not-so-subtle allusion to oral sex, which Eilish keeps referencing throughout the track.

The first verse gets even more explicit, featuring the lines, “Been trying hard not to overeat / You’re just so sweet,” and “I’ll run a shower for you like you want / Clothes on the counter for you, try ’em on / If I’m allowed, I’ll help you take ’em off.”

Other sapphic lines in the song include, “You need a seat? I’ll volunteer,” “I’m interested in more than just being your friend,” and “I just wanna get her off.” Doesn’t get more direct than that.

The X-rated energy goes all the way through the outro, as Eilish’s vocals are mixed with what sounds like moaning. 

Even gayer than “Lunch” itself, though, is the transition that leads into the track. “Lunch” follows album opener “Skinny,” an introspective ballad about self-love and body image. But as fans were wiping away their tears, the song seamlessly transitioned into the polar opposite sound of “Lunch.” And is there anything queerer than a wild swing from deep emotion to a danceable, horned-up sapphic anthem?

Then there’s the dreamy “Chihiro,” which has a chorus lots of fans are connecting to coming out as queer: “Open up the door, can you open up the door? / I know you said before you can’t cope with any more,” Eilish sings on the chorus. Is the door she’s singing about the door to the closet? Whether or not that was Eilish’s intention, it’s certainly resonating with her queer fans.

Finally, there’s “The Diner,” which many think is from the perspective of one of Eilish’s stalkers. Not a very positive premise, but one that still leads Eilish to sing on the chorus, “Bet I could change your life / You could be my wife.” In a different context, it could be romantic! Just not this one.

Hit Me Hard And Soft is now streaming on all platforms. Check out the music video for “Lunch” below.

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